Wind from the East to dress retro style

&Nbsp;   fairy tale Kingdom, Princess fancy dress, wispy veil, take a pumpkin, come running. In reality, brides don't forget "fairy tales" one, just recently, there was a retro romantic rose in the East.
&Nbsp;   have a lot of wedding dress styles are popular retro, a bit 19th century European-style, while others are some of China's old-style wedding dress, very nice. Vintage wedding dress is also a characteristic design is cumbersome, often three-tier three looks of great Royal Lady costume.
&Nbsp;   is all over lace design, lace tight round the upper part of the body, is the pleated lace flared skirt below, such a simple and conservative dress probably only see in old movies. But this is a vintage wedding dress, full of rich flavor of old photographs, wedding dresses have a different kind of style.
&Nbsp;   due to the vintage wedding dresses on the market is relatively small, so many retro bride is holding a model of the type like photos on the Internet or go to the bridal shop to order. Now many brides get wedding photos are a retro flavor, lace, large tail, puff sleeve ... ... Integration of these elements of retro bridal looks particularly attractive. BACK

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