My bride!

&Nbsp;   little princess in the fairy tale is usually covered with hair, romantic atmosphere, often memories of Western countries; in reality, our Oriental women wedding hairstyles is better suited, more Oriental female charm, that we're going to look at the most beautiful hair in the eyes of the bride!
&Nbsp;   1. retro bride brides can try matching, very American flavor.
&Nbsp;   2. headgear is to interpret the best props.
&Nbsp;   3. hair towering above make the face look small, and deep v dress visually elongate the neck, matching make the bride look taller.
&Nbsp;   4. loose casual hair well with simple vertical strong wedding, the goddess feels.
&Nbsp;   5. Mermaid in while we are shoulder-length hair, but with fishtail skirts are especially appropriate.
&Nbsp;   6. lovely hair to match, of course equally adorable fluffy dress.
&Nbsp;   7. matching wreath and veil are the most appropriate. BACK

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