Have a romantic date with spring

&Nbsp;   have a date with spring, romantic spring, can encounter romantic love; in full bloom season, feel the breath of nature; the endless rape yellow, as if the warm ocean, we stroll together. Went to the peak of wedding, this wonderful season, how do bridal makeup to complement each other and the natural beauty?
&Nbsp;   1. Eye makeup, gold brown eye shadow is most suited to spring wedding theme, eyes glitter is issued, someone might bring good luck for the new year! Want your eyes seem more verve, in the middle of eye lid painted with silver glitter, eye contour is more prominent.
&Nbsp;   2. during the wedding in the spring in both men and women like to dress up and Red elements, such as red, hats, socks, etc, in addition to invariably red dress upper body, you can also use red elements on the lips and nails, spring wedding is no longer stiff old-fashioned!
&Nbsp;   3. red lips stand out, the skin around the lips painted a light liquid Foundation, lip lines become more visible. Ask small and pretty, pleasant, try to hit the phosphor, red lips, and with pink blush, and increase the integrity of the makeup, without undue prominence to the lip makeup.
&Nbsp;   4. Although red is a regular wedding, but not everyone fits. If Red is not your heart is good, you may want to consider in the flyover in spring and summer often deep red, this sense of velvety Crimson gives noble gorgeous, matching wedding dress red dress is the most suitable. BACK

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