Legend of the bouquet

&Nbsp;   there is a beautiful legend, is about that bunch in the hands of the bride's bouquet. Got it, can be said to be stained with festivity, can be said to be the God of Providence, also love the relay, in short, who received a bunch of bouquet, luck will come. Then, the bride should choose this bouquet, to continue its legend?
&Nbsp;   control quality choose the bouquet-elegant bride: matching elegant bridal bouquet, waterfall-shaped bouquet style from the top down is a natural vertical effects, oval-shaped bouquets bridal bouquet of common modelling, can also bring out the bride elegant temperament and strong match.
&Nbsp;  -lovely bride: small round bouquet and spherical flower best suited, both holding flowers gives a sweet feeling, bring out the bride's shy and sweet. Round bouquet usually tulips, Gerbera, roses and other flowers, color is bright.
&Nbsp;  -traditional bride: Crescent-shaped bouquets in accordance with a traditional bride's temperament. Crescent-shaped bouquet of circular shape, decorate it with orchids, roses, lilies and other flowers above either shapes or flowers are perfect for a traditional wedding.
&Nbsp;   personality popular bouquet flower not only in purely of flowers in contemporary materials, shells, feathers, fruit, and grains all white bouquet. "The sea of love is the theme of the wedding, bouquet will choose the color of blue, then add shells. If the subject is the happy orchards, bouquet dominated by Apple to do modeling. "The wedding of LILI's staff, new individuality, ordinary bouquet that has failed to meet their demands, wedding company often tailored according to the theme of the wedding bouquet.
&Nbsp;   added buttons to give heart to bouquets, bouquets for wheat represent fruitful ... ... Bouquet not just wedding decorations, became a couple of cute messages link. "There will be a wedding with seven colors of the rainbow color, bouquet was designed with seven colors of flowers, unique, when the groom colorful hand bouquet to the bride, like a Rainbow in the sky off the bride. "Yet fashions, wedding consultants say, don't like current new standard forms, choice of personalities will more and more.
&Nbsp;   5 most popular bridal bouquets 1, Crescent Moon-shaped bouquet with elegance in a traditional atmosphere, great for a formal wedding. Shapes can the bride likes to make vertical or horizontal type, basically to tall and thin bride can express a momentum and temperament.
&Nbsp;   2, bouquet bouquet-shaped grip exudes a natural rustic wind, if use Ribbon decorations, like a thousand stunning like a girl. This bouquet is also more suitable for use outdoors or spectacular wedding.
&Nbsp;   3, drop-shaped compositions for combinations of spherical triangle and half, just like the shape of water droplets. Teardrop-shaped bouquet is very pleasing, with the same round bouquet, a match any size bride.
&Nbsp;   round 4, the most popular and traditional style. Just a minor adjustment, necked, high bride or paired with any forms of dress are matched.
&Nbsp;   5, spherical ball-shaped bouquets given the lovely, natural feel, suitable for outdoor or spectacular wedding. Sweet bride this bouquet in hand will be more pleasant pretty. BACK

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