Graceful veil following the spring dance

&Nbsp;   flying gently, gently dancing, followed by three steps, free, spontaneous, interpretation of graceful veil. Clothes are put on heart, wearing proper mind can breathe freely. The bride's wedding gown in recent years has become increasingly highlight the free design, as follows, that is:
&Nbsp;   1. placed on a head wreath makes you look more classic, extremely sexy designs show the bride's body.
&Nbsp;   2. delicate waist, hem sexy tube top, sheer fantasy, Princess disposition crops out, let this gorgeous style wedding dress has a unique beauty.
&Nbsp;   3. simple and stylish design, so that every bride can be more comfortable and more relaxed dress in their wedding dress, tulle and embroidery wedding dress more exquisite.
&Nbsp;   4. pure natural fabrics, fine hand embroidery and soft details, featured brides mix some lavender, pink or white flowers make a wreath, or do anything the bouquet, is very brilliant finishing touch design.
&Nbsp;   5. wedding dress not so traditional, casual and simple design, making your wedding dress can be used for outdoor weddings or semi-formal occasions. Beautiful and sophisticated style, making wedding dresses are so irresistible. BACK

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