New parents in the autumn and winter wedding dress

&Nbsp;   mothers dress important:
&Nbsp;   wedding, mothers should try to choose a long skirt, should not be unduly exposed. Color selection can be diverse and noble colors such as black, purple can be selected, under the black silk in the light fabric with a sense of nobility. If you choose Western-style wedding dress of the bride, mothers should try to choose Western-style suit, two piece suit Lady suit skirt or dress. If the bride chooses Chinese-style dresses, mothers dresses should accordingly be changed.
&Nbsp;   Western wedding: If you choose Western-style wedding dress of the bride, mothers should try to choose Western-style clothes, and wears more emphasis on generous, more rich colors, black, purple, noble colors can be selected. While white is the main color of Western-style wedding, decorous and Holy. Silk dress the best summer wedding, waist design allows the elderly mother of a curve is more obvious. Short cropped jacket with dress covers both excess meat can raise their waistline, shaping a more perfect body proportions. If dress is dark in color, may wish to select festive bright red accessories. Brown highlights mother's dignified and elegant, interspersed with pink flowers and green line is breaking the boring, full of energy.
&Nbsp;   Chinese wedding: If the bride choose Chinese clothes, mothers can choose to dress or clothing, preferred bright colors such as purple, pink in color, not only seem to wear the special spirit, may also provide a wedding's unique landscape.
&Nbsp;   Jewelry mix also based on clothing styles, not covered with gold and silver. If no collar, matching necklace, if it is a short or cropped sleeves can be equipped with bracelets and other decorations. Do not select jewelry in addition to generous exaggerated attire, sometimes appropriate earrings dotted more temperament. Can use the same color shoes and dress, preferably half-height heels. Because the mother responding to the end of a long day. Mother's makeup to clean, only slightly pale makeup. Pay attention to the content of your own speech and manner, don't tell is not appropriate.
&Nbsp;   father's dress:
&Nbsp;   fathers should choose a dark suit or Zhongshan suit and tie, with dark socks; tie should be purple, Orange to show poise. If held in the luxury hotel wedding, you can also use colored chest pocket with tie towel. To avoid casual wear, sportswear or jackets, sweaters or shirts. Man's beard care is a top priority. Men's accessories are relatively simple and some even do not use. If you want to be able to meet the clothing show, we try select fine jewelry, such as simple cuff, plain tie, or is not exaggerated necklaces, rings, etc. Has a habit of beards, keep them clean and tidy; if not, please shave the same day face, cosmetic facial. BACK

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