Enter church wedding etiquette

&Nbsp;   bride and groom notice! you take for granted is the wedding of lead, is the focus of multifaceted eyes, so must have the proper etiquette, study myself ~ generally speaking, mainly pay attention to the following:
&Nbsp;   into wedding Church Qian of five article etiquette a, and mutual tie groom bride in wedding Shang to double out access, best don't separate separate action, and in mutual tie aspects, should note ritual, for example: should mutual to other introduced their of elders or peers relatives, and friends; accompanied by and row, both don't away from have too far, but also don't too intimacy; as has guests dinning, should mutual for other rescue; seat Shi, should let bride first sat; visitor Shi, Should work together with the guests farewell and so on.
&Nbsp;   second, meter dress wedding celebration, the bride and groom to pay special attention to the instrument, appropriate makeup, hairstyle, keep glowing. Brides usually wear suit and tie, the bride wearing a white dress, and wearing necklaces, earrings and other ornaments of gold and silver, but not more, double vulgar-free.
&Nbsp;   III, welcome guests and groom the groom should start to practice both flowers stand in front of the gate to greet the guests, not swimming back and forth; should be warmly welcomed and thanked the guests arrive, duly introduced to the elders in the family, or the other guests, and then seniority seat in sequence. Smoke tea with both hands on the and ignition elders or peers for smoking guests.
&Nbsp;   four, talking and laughing and talking to elders and sincere humility, not talk, talk and peers talk passionately courteously, pay attention to civility, do not laugh endlessly, or silent, unsmiling; for the younger generations to be warm and friendly.
&Nbsp;   walking five, sitting not sitting crookedly on the couch, not to high up his legs, when he addressed the standing, to erect, not body shaking or frequently moved around; do not walk slow, like walking, but don't run to, or quickly darting to gait and rhythm. BACK

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