Not to be missed in the spring flowers wedding

&Nbsp;   beautiful flowers, was a child's dream is to one day, surrounded by flowers, to Prince charming, nestled gently, in a sea of flowers in the garden. Flower is a beautiful, precious moments, the flower will bring us what kind of atmosphere?
&Nbsp;   who likes Pink Pink Flower feast, Princess generally have complex, but does not mean only the Princess Bride can use this color, mature brides who instead if you are stressed, might as well make pink wedding theme. Rigid side because you have enough, you need to display your female charms in the wedding. From gift bags, floral, from shoes to hair, bold all lust, pink, Pink is one of the most accepted colors at the wedding, and you suddenly feel that they were a few years younger, a gentle lot, and that men can't resist this tone, surveys show they love to wear pink dresses bridal style is better than white.
&Nbsp;   blue flower feast of blue has a therapeutic effect, when surrounded by the deep blue when emotions calm down. It allows people to concentrate on private issues, beliefs and ideas, and strengthen the inner senses and intuition to look at. So if you believe in religion, or wanted a quiet wedding, I'd choose blue as main theme wedding. Pay attention to the ingenious use of blue and white to match may embody the perfect atmosphere for coexistence of serenity and sense of warmth.
&Nbsp;   feast of yellow flowers yellow in colour is a very beautiful and wonderful, it is a color, yellow light appear to hope and fear and anxiety. While the yellow used in ancient times by the Emperor, and it has a sense of authority and nobility. So I want to make themselves appear more noble bride on your wedding day can be considered a yellow theme. Bouquets, hand embroidery on the skirt and silk flowers on the cake are yellow when the main character, static cards, decorated with yellow Chair is full of expensive gas, don't forget to send yellow butter cookies for our guests, guests are to make guests feel a sense of honor.
&Nbsp;   feast of white flowers, white reflects all the light, it is the symbol of light, so divine wedding especially for white. First, white wedding and shoes is essential of selected, you can put candy made styling chic of white chocolate, used pure white elegant of cream cake, let stars do White hand holding spent, even gift box are embroidered Shang white small floral, with with white yarn mantle Pu into of road introduction, whole white flowers married banquet to people bright clean, and carefree, and plain, and elegant and chastity of sense. BACK

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