Beauty of the bride details

&Nbsp;   fine jade is the second face of a woman, attracted the eye around. Today, Professional nail shop around every corner, women more than a decoration beautiful place, how to do no damage to your nails, and achieve a comprehensive care, the bride beautiful nail is not simple, Nail Polish, armor, polishing, pruning etc are learned, brides should earnestly study the next strategy.
&Nbsp;   1. Nail Polish French nail shapes because of the popularity of RADIUS nail occupation of almost all the fingers. This year's major magazines and fashion shows are starting to force holds the oval nails, benefits will make your hands look slender.
&Nbsp;   2. trim is the perfect nail shape on the one hand, the other is to make the edge smooth. Select products are the key, thin sand weight waiting, if there is any modification, you can select a 180-unit weight of sand, if there is no such reference, and used her hands to feel, too coarse grinding up fast, but still make the edge smooth.
&Nbsp;   3. length are popular all by himself in the last two years shorter nails. Simple healthy long nails just procrastination. But it is different, like some finger is shorter, it is suitable for long nails to cause elongated shape. Joint taboo long nails with larger hand, looks too abrupt.
&Nbsp;   4. want nail nail damage more effectively penetrate the water, cotton pads are better than cotton. Select the wash water, to choose does not contain acetone. If confused elements, you can select the comparison is not much "banana oil" tastes of washing water; in addition, if used on a surface after a white powder residue, as well as the water contains a lot of acetone in Nail Polish, damaged nails.
&Nbsp;   5. margin small conservation are the most important to adhere to the TU nutritional oils. Pruning is better to the nail, which is part of the most valuable investment. Now Japan and Europe and is done by grinding machine type selection of Polish, so it can be ground off with a delicate scrub bar to excess margin or unblemished skin, more economical is that every month looking for a manicurist, and asked her to fix margins.
&Nbsp;   6. polishing polishing not?
&Nbsp;   regular polishing causes the nails to become thinner and fragile, it must step in more and not the nail, coupled with the nail polish has now a surface smoothness of functions, it can also rely on Nail Polish instead of polishing scrub bar. Some surface uneven, with delicate sand bars can also be considered slightly left, remember to use plastic foam further polished on the other side.
&Nbsp;   7. Paint or Pearlescent light in fact, this is a very personal choice, but Asians, most of them prefer to paint light, but it does, because of the colour, Pearl is easy to seem old-fashioned. Key is to paint on the hands. Overall paint that light was indeed likely to look fashionable, especially in autumn and Brown, paint a little more elegant.
&Nbsp;   8. oil and ultimately seems to be putting on makeup in front of cream, oils not only avoids the nails natural oils make Nail Polish Flake prematurely, also prevents the color of Nail Polish colors in precipitation, a direct threat to nail health. But even without Nail Polish, and can also be coated with oil to strengthen nails toughness, many brands of oil containing nutritional components.
&Nbsp;   9. dark classic many people will prefer transparent color of Nail Polish, can be said to be safe. But fall and winter color, can be bold enough to try the wine warm colors such as red or chocolate brown or red. The skin color goes well with the stylish colors of the East, in addition to fashionable can accidentally get look more white hands.
&Nbsp;   10. prune carefully and faced so many nail clippers, be sure to choose the right size. If it is too small, it will need to cut a lot of it, so it may edge roughness, cracking may also cause nails. Too large nail clippers scissors, but may cut edge, is not recommended. 2 cut nail size is good.

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