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Traditional wedding

Traditional wedding

    China wind prevails, even the trend of the traditional Chinese wedding also took to the stage, became the favorite of many couples, in order to meet the aspirations of every woman in the wedding day Princess, good wedding planning is essential. In addition, the unique Chinese wedding Chinese wedding music, Chinese wedding arrangement for the wedding of your dreams romantic, warm ambience, and to enhance the atmosphere.
&Nbsp;   wedding "a bride, and thanks to Gao, couple worship......" such a scene presumably most people would feel familiar. However, this picture is not in the film and television stills, but full reality show Oh! Tired of Lawn wedding, candle wedding, a cruise ship wedding and other Western-style wedding, the city's newly becoming traditional again, a series of firecrackers and suona retro wedding, gongs and drums sound come through the days before and after the Spring Festival, a grand "staged".

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