Notice to marry

Before and after marriage must do things

&Nbsp;   wedding planning 1:1. determine wedding date 2. determine wedding budget (including married Banquet, and wedding, and acquisition new homes items, and skin care beauty, and honeymoon, all related costs) 2:1. try eat Hotel 2. determine wedding: began selected wedding Studio 3: wedding photography appointment 4: determine groomsmen, and bridesmaid, and marries people, and witnesses, and sign, related personnel 5: selected right himself wedding planning company note matters:
&Nbsp;   1. compared the company of hardware equipment 2. compared the company of personnel equipped with 3. day by provides of the service content 4. determine wedding day by to held of ceremony 5. reservation himself like of MC, and makeup, and photography, and camera 6. reservation married car, and with car 7. and wedding company with to hotel deliberations venue layout 8. Select floral 6: married items procurement, new home layout supplies 1. Household appliances: computers, television sets, refrigerators, microwaves, air conditioning, oven, washing machine, dishwasher, iron, water bottle, ironing boards, shredders, FRY sauce, telephone, DVD, CD, stereo, water dispenser, electric rice cookers 2. Furniture: a. living room: sofa, and cushion, and coffee table, and side several, and lamp, and block blanket, and landing lamp, and TV cabinet, and Dome light b. restaurant: table, and meal Chair, and wine Cabinet, and Dome light c. master room: main lying double, and bedside table, and lamp, and drawers, and dressing mirror, and dressing Chair, and Dresser d. rooms: single bed, and bedside table, and lamp, and wardrobe e. study: computer table, and bookcase, and sofa bed 3. Kitchen supplies: knives, chopping boards, kitchen utensils, bottle openers, plane, cutlery, plates, soup bowls, bowls, spoons, tea spoons, coffee sets, chopsticks, cups, seasoning, seasoning bottles, bottles of snow, frying pans, frying pans, pots, pot, steamer 4. Decoration: paintings, vases, picture frames, clocks, plants, flowers, 5. Commodity: garbage barrels, and bath curtain, and wash surface milk, and skin care products, and bathing dew, and shampoo, and toilet paper, and wash liquid, and SOAP, and tissue, and rag, and wash clean fine, and MOP, and broom, and fen machine, and basin, and umbrella, and bedding, and into socket, and drag Board 7: layout new homes 8: purchase married ring 9: groom bride ordered dress 10: nine wedding day plans and envisaged and wedding company communication 11: estimated Guest number, confirmed banquet table number, and menu, and price 12: and makeup Division communication, and Makeup test 13: determine the wedding day wedding cars and car routes and the time required to determine location.
&Nbsp;   14: row wedding day guest list 15: purchase wedding supplies: on Bowl, and on baby, and wedding invitations, and lahua, and Hi Word, and peanut, and sons barrels, and Red 16: wrote invitations 17: arrangements each table of guest list 18: again determine wedding day about personnel: groomsmen, and bridesmaid, and marries people, and sign, 19: marries people statements, and witnesses statements, and parents representative speech, and groom bride thanks Word 20: buy distribution ornaments, and shoes (match bride wedding, and dress, and cheongsam, and Main clothing) 21: collection honeymoon tour information 22: determine honeymoon destination and trip arrangements 23:1. purchase travel supplies 2. travel essential items listing (according to each travel destination and set) a. documents tickets/Tickets, and cash, and Traveler's checks, and credit card, and tourism information, and tourism insurance, and (passport, and visa, and Traveler's checks purchased single, and tickets, and tickets, and insurance, and accommodation orders), and big rucksack/luggage box, and small rucksack, and very hidden wallet b. Clothing, sleeping bags, sheets, blouses, pants, long sleeve shirts, pants, sweater, down comforters, underwear, shoes, socks, jackets, slippers, raincoats, glasses, contact lenses, contact lens solutions, sunglasses, hats, scarves, gloves, Swimsuits, swimming goggles, c. Drug pain relievers, stomach medicine, anti-inflammatory pills, cold medicine, cough medicine, stomach medicine, throat lozenges, disinfecting ointment, the usual herbal oils, Bondi band-aid, bandage, sterile cotton wool, mosquitoes do not bite d. Photography cameras/digital cameras and electrical supplies, accessories, film, camera Chargers, camera batteries, camcorder/digital camera, waterproof camera case, camera Chargers, digital camera memory, mobile phone applications, reserve batteries, plug e. Commodity toothpaste, and toothbrush, and towel, and towel, and comb, and nails clamp, and sewing kits, and rubber paper, and computer, and SOAP, and clothing clip, and nylon, and tissue, and toilet paper, and knife, and wash TOU Shui, and bathing dew, and wash surface milk, and run lipstick, and run skin dew, and Sun oil, and anti-Sun supplies, and stereotypes who miles, and health towel, and must planing, and cotton rod, and flashlight, and guide needle, and telescope f. Utensils and food fever line, electric stove, utensils, food, instant noodles/macaroni g. Books and stationery items like books, travel books, travel information, envelopes, writing pads, ballpoint pens, pencils, notebooks 24: progress on wedding plans to communicate with their parents 25: determines the invitation list 26:1. Send invitations to older relatives 2. Order the candy 27:1. Send invitations to friends 2. Buying cigarettes, wedding feast, drink, sugar, peanuts, seeds, tea 28:1. Replacement of the new banknotes (face value of 10 Yuan, 20 Yuan face value, face value of 50 Yuan, 100 Yuan face value) 2. Ready for large envelopes, small red bag 3. Please leave 29:1. Groom hair 2. Finally try on a dress of the bride 3. Finishing the honeymoon luggage 30:1. Wedding company with new explanation and check again the same day throughout the wedding process 2. Communicate with the groomsmen bridesmaids again, finally determined to help friends 3. Finalizing wedding, vehicle preparation, photography makeup and other details 4. Determine the readiness of the spokesman for the wedding day to 5. Wedding day to wear all the clothes, dress accessories, ring, shoes-loaded pockets and arrange custody of 6. If staying in a hotel, ready to wash clothing 7. Like cigarettes, wedding package 8. Ready for the wedding day the bride and groom, best man, Maid of honor of the dry food, yogurt, Chinese yeast

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