Notice to marry

Plan choice of wedding dress

    1. Cloth (1) satin fabric: thicker texture, due to gravity, so with a sense of weight, felt very real to the people, a sense of line, warmth, suitable for tall, plump-wear.
&Nbsp;   (2) Pearl yarn: shiny, seven color view, feel soft and elegant, suitable for vivacious, Petite, the Princess Bride.
&Nbsp;   (3) fabric: compare have lines, giving a noble, mysterious, warm feeling.
&Nbsp;   (4) fabric lace lace: piece by piece, there are blocks of that separate decent peace.
    2. Collar (1) peach-shaped collar: suitable for short neck, face is fat, full-body girls.
&Nbsp;   (2) v-shaped collar: due to the short neck, slender lines of girls.
&Nbsp;   (3) round high neck: due to the long neck, thin girls, plus wide necklace embellished.
&Nbsp;   (4) horizontal neck: for fat people, jewelry is not too luxurious, with a slender necklace can deepen the plumpness.
&Nbsp;   (5)-neck: suitable for body, face the most standard.
&Nbsp;   (6) Princess collar: apply to face girl.
    3. Sleeve style: bubble sleeves, cropped sleeves, long sleeves, Princess sleeves, leg of mutton sleeves.
    4. Design of waist: hips, waist, high waist,-a waist and waist. Fat people to wear waist and caught a long line, long, thin waist or waist to wear.
&Nbsp;   5. hem of long and short: vertical, tail, Mermaid style.
&Nbsp;   wedding dress choice main point:
&Nbsp;   is finally getting married! Just thought of this after the ceremony, we can together hand in hand and the other half into the road to life, my heart is warm.
&Nbsp;   However, one woman you will be, for process from engagement to marriage rules, but ignorant – read this article again, everything is OK!
&Nbsp;   engagement according to the existing practices, preparatory woman more responsible for the engagement, engagement dinner for friends and family to the woman's family and friends. Not many table, fine, generally three to five tables is the most common.
&Nbsp;   dresses choose point:
&Nbsp;   engagement although not necessary in law programs, but such a lifelong Covenant produced for lovers of romance, Wedding couples how to omit? Engagement in places where brides don't have to wear a Grand gown, with simple and sophisticated. Color color is pink and light the most applauded, styles don't renew, luncheon dinner jacket, while elegant is the best.
&Nbsp;   occasion of wedding photography, wedding shoot-new betting money together can build a highway, I'm afraid. New pics, mostly within the alternate location, interiors create an atmosphere of elegant luxury, location has fresh style.
&Nbsp;   dresses choose point:
&Nbsp;   in General, the bride will prepare three sets of dresses to show a different style. First is the white wedding dresses, Chinese people like to avoid white black, wedding colors all take simple rice or white, this set is focused on dress, the bride pay most attention to. The second set of dinner suits, mopping with style and ornate decorations, have a bright color ... .... Third set of creative suits, many brides like to wear Chinese cheongsam or Impatiens installed as pictures of special pictures.
&Nbsp;   salute salute the occasion can be divided into teaching bow get married, civil marriage, mass weddings, restaurants and so on, or have a different mind, but newcomers and parental choice. Due to the different locations, the bride in the choice of dress will take some time and effort.
&Nbsp;   dresses choose point:
&Nbsp;   mostly white church wedding, a solemn; Hotel wedding because of a Grand scene, may wish to dress up a little showy little; as for the notary or bando-style wedding, more personal, picking small, simple, comfortable dress, more brides personality.
&Nbsp;   big occasion getting married is a happy event, naturally Chao told your friends, share your fortune. Of course, in addition to the purpose of Chao told family and friends, the banquet is a reward of a lot of hard work for the wedding participants, always [light beauty, good atmosphere, delicious meals, will be able to host and guest hosts happy.
&Nbsp;   dresses choose point:
&Nbsp;   guests real treat while play is whether the bride beauty of nature. In order to save face, during the banquet dress, brides are mustering the strength to pick two or three sets, colourful surprised the audience.
&Nbsp;   see first played suit the occasion, you can choose a luxurious style with heavy makeup, showing dazzling stage effects. After three rounds, the appearance in the second suit, sexy seductive close-fitting satin dresses, bride's charisma.

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