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Wedding music tips

&Nbsp;   wedding music according to different wedding styles and new preferences for choice. Music contains music and songs. Like a solemn and elegant couple may choose some music, including orchestral, secret garden, Clayderman's piano music, and so on; romantic couples can select European and American classic songs, such as the French songs Celine Dion; warm festive can choose pure Chinese songs.
&Nbsp;   six wedding music selection Note:
&Nbsp;   1, do not blindly believe the wedding company you choose for the wedding music, wedding company you choose for the wedding music, wedding planners of taste are not necessarily better than you.
&Nbsp;   2, take care of the guest's mood, choose your favorite music at the same time, must pay attention to the guest's preference, so that the atmosphere of the wedding to reach the peak.
&Nbsp;   3, the choice of wedding music must be paired with all aspects of the wedding, cheerful fast link to select, select beautiful melodious romantic moments. In addition, the climax of the wedding if you happen to select music and atmosphere in order to contrast to the highest point.
&Nbsp;   4, wedding music, not necessarily more is better, two links can be used with a piece of music. If the music selection too much, will give the feeling of fragmented, jumping is too strong.
&Nbsp;   5, the attention of music between excessive, don't let bridging is a distraction. Also note that the length of the song and all aspects of the time.
&Nbsp;   6, must be before the wedding rehearsal, and background music over all aspects, to find potential problems.

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