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Wedding, wedding wine selection

&Nbsp;   wedding with wine must, above all, is to fine, followed by high quality, but also affordable, let love in dense small addendum to the Wedding Hall to help clear my thoughts.
&Nbsp;   do married banquet liquor are with Samsung of gold six Fu mostly, also some with Guizhou alcohol (iron box of outside with red double happiness) in some is Beijing wine has, certainly this also to according to you himself of reality to set, wine General is wall dry red of more, incense bin with Changyu of compared more. beverage Coke, snow bi, fresh orange more, beauty years up,, any selected two paragraph's, but remember: beverage is must to some.
&Nbsp;   wedding with wine-how to pick a wedding with high-end liquor wine liquor 1, maotai is China's national drink, statue, a unique color, aroma and taste of praise for the world. In a clear and transparent, sweet and mellow world. General 52~54du of maotai liquor, maotai town in Guizhou province, ren County, named after the area. The factory is located in the chishui River, more than 270 years of history. Legend has it that in 1704, surnamed Jia from fenyang, Shanxi xinghuacun wine master in Shanxi merchants brewing Shanxi fenjiu liquor maotai town. But according to the old fen-law. Ingredients of sorghum, wheat Koji chishui river water diversion, wine mellow wine flavor different from the fen, it is called "Hua Mao." Maotai in Heng Fa Chuen. Established in 1873, and wine shop, Guizhou chaebol Lai yongchu after all, is for "Lai Mao."
&Nbsp;   wedding with wine-liquor 2, the wine produced in Fenyang County in Shanxi xinghuacun fen, is the originator of the famous, now has more than 1500 years of history. Eight of the most famous wines, and fen has a very close blood ties. Fen of raw materials, production in jinzhong city of fenyang in Plains "evolved" sorghum, mannose alcohol "well good spring", with the traditional brewing technology. Fen clear and transparent, aromatic, entrance here, and fall sweet taste, aftertaste of fluid characteristics, has been touted as "the OASIS wine" and "liquid stone". Fen has a unique brewing process, "but its fine grain, water will find its sweet song ming, its clean, cylinders shall be wet, fire cache. "Developed a unique quality. 60 degree height wine, but no strong feeling, color, aroma, taste, "three wonders" of the name, as a model of fen-flavor liquor in China.
&Nbsp;   wedding with wine-liquor 3, tequ liquor produced in Luzhou, Sichuan Luzhou, late Ming dynasty and early Qing dynasty as "Wen Yongcheng" and "heaven," two of the most famous Winery. "Wen Yongcheng" founded in seven years of Yongzheng of Qing dynasty, the old cellar has more than 370 years of history, mud required for building a cellar must be sticky, phosphorus and nitrogen rich fertile soil, suitable for the breeding of bacteria. Pit the older, and more, using old ingredients to wine fermentation continued tank is very strong. Luzhou laojiao tequ "aroma, mellow, sweet, long aftertaste" features, after drinking the Apple aroma, heart happy. Has become typical of Luzhou-flavor liquor. Divided into 60 and 55 degrees in two ways. Drink without spice, only turns the ileum, Xiang Qin muscle and bone.
&Nbsp;   wedding with wine-liquor 4, wuliangye produced in Sichuan Yibin wuliangye Distillery, from five kinds of grain (high grain, rice, glutinous rice, corn, wheat) as raw material and named. Water is obtained from minjiang River, texture, pure, pure wheat starter "package" and not unique aroma. Wuliangye liquor clear bottle and sprays when raised, strong-smelling. Fragrance after drinking not, belong to Luzhou-flavor liquor. Soft and sweet, the wine is full-bodied. Mellow sweet NET. Unique style.
&Nbsp;   wedding with wine-liquor 5, yanghe daqu liquor is produced in SI Yang he Zhen, Yang, Jiangsu yanghe distillery. Known in early Qing dynasty. "Aroma, taste stop alcohol cupola, the bird smell of chicken; the dregs into the water, fish have Jackie Chan; Fuquan liquor fragrance beauty, taste Jiangnan first. Yanghe daqu liquor-64 and 62 and 55 degrees. Wine clear, full-bodied, with a crisp NET aftertaste, is the production of Luzhou-flavor daqu liquor, there are "color, fragrance, fresh, thick, alcohol" style.
&Nbsp;   wedding with wine-liquor 6, Cheng is now produced in Sichuan province's mianzhu County Winery is one of the wine has a long history in China. The Tang dynasty "Spring" alcohol, mianzhu was once a county on the South, hence the name. Li Bai in the Tang dynasty in the city according to legend "Jie Diaoxu wine", "Shi Jie Jindiao, Luoyang" story. With high grain, rice, glutinous rice, corn, wheat, five kinds of grain as a raw material, carefully brewed, is a kind of Luzhou. Wine-62 and 52 degrees in two ways. Characteristics of aroma, mellow taste, clear Creek clean bright, fragrant finish.
&Nbsp;   wedding with wine-liquor 7, production gujinggong in boxian, Anhui gujing Gong Winery. Plant an old well over 1400 years of history. Local salt water taste bitter. Only clear and sweet water for Wells, for wine, wine is rich, sweet and mellow, the well known "all well". During the reign of Emperor Wanli of the Ming dynasty as a tribute of wine. Gujing wine clear transparent, fragrant as orchids, sticky silk hanging Cup, fragrant finish. Genus Luzhou-flavor liquor. Its alcoholic content is 60~62du.
&Nbsp;   wedding with wine-liquor 8, wine produced in Zunyi city, Guizhou province, Tung Tung Winery, wine-60 degrees, is so named because site is located in the northern suburb of Dong Gong SI. Brewing technology of dongjiu liquor in our country is one of the most special wine. It uses high quality sticky grain as its raw material, with "water temple" underground spring water for brewing water, preparation of fermented grains xiaoqu, small cellar, preparation of fragrance grains from daqu, large cellar and wine fermented grains Medley form. Style is the rich aroma of daqu liquor and soft cotton, alcohols of xiaoqu liquor, back to the sweet, there are elegant and comfortable and refreshing aroma of herbs and slightly acidic.

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