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Considerations for selection of champagne

&Nbsp;   most of new are select champagne Tower as himself wedding of celebrate way, incense bin Cup best code in dedicated of incense bin tower frame Shang, not only security and beautiful, but also some hotel free for new take incense bin Tower, no dedicated of tower frame, that placed champagne Tower need note which problem? new should how set and check champagne Tower does? I in here tips new people to note such several problem:
&Nbsp;   1. placing champagne Tower plane base is very important.
&Nbsp;   General of champagne tower are pendulum in table Shang. table whether solid is most important of problem. on table of requirements is: table surface cannot rough, four leg must solid. many hotel are is temporary take wedding stage, with more block of stage put together and into. due to stage of long-term using, inevitably will appeared not solid of situation. If champagne Tower of table pendulum in stage Shang, new also to check two block stage handover of place, two block stage cannot due to stepped on moving occurred impact, Tables also cannot be placed between the two stages. Champagne Tower will be equally unstable.
&Nbsp;   2. Champagne flutes also have certain requirements. (Red glass no) Champagne Cup of size, level very important. often hotel of glass not once purchase, is easy occurred two batch of glass not as big or not as high, and champagne Tower on glass of requirements compared high, difference a mm are no. placed glass most basic of requirements, is requirements all of glass must close to in with, Middle cannot taking any a glass. new requirements Hotel select glass of when, must to proposed this requirements. most important of tips, red glass not can as pendulum champagne Tower, Because the small contact area between the glass, put a tall, lanky, unstable, the wine but not into the glass below.
&Nbsp;   3. put champagne Tower location was also important.
&Nbsp;   champagne must be placed in people does not walk often on one side of the stage. in front of the wedding ceremony, be sure to prevent the increased risk due to people walking back and forth. in particular, avoid children knocked in a run. wedding ceremony, also to prevent personnel walking on stage, such as witnesses, parents, especially the hostesses (pallet) accidentally knocked over.
&Nbsp;   4. If the stage is large enough, it is best to put the champagne on one side of the stage, thus reducing the danger of collisions.
&Nbsp;   5. Champagne Tower display not too high, should be based on the new height for the standard. If it is too high, the couple raised her hand pours champagne, feeling very tired, and high and increasing the risk of collapse. Champagne 4---5 the best ...
&Nbsp;   6. your wedding hosts in advance when planning the wedding with you, he'll tell you in detail to consider champagne, try to avoid unexpected.
&Nbsp;   7. your wedding hosts 1 hour before the ceremony began, you should carefully check the sound of champagne. communicate the problems concerned, requires correct.
&Nbsp;   8. If your wedding guests with kids a lot better with their parents well in advance greet, manage their children, don't knock champagne Tower.
&Nbsp;   9. wedding ceremony, if the link that's not pouring champagne champagne surprises don't render the champagne towers, you can let the hotel staff had quietly reset can, experienced photographers will not collapse on the lens incense Binta.
&Nbsp;   10. after the champagne poured out, the wedding ceremony, it is best to stop champagne, the wine after the wedding ceremony, by the hotel staff to guests ... mainly because of unexpected at the wedding ceremony.

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