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Bride wedding makeup covering rule

&Nbsp;   1, when the bride has bags under the eyes, dark circles problem use Eyeliner Brush, dip the amount of concealer product (if your skin is dry, you can blend the concealer with liquid Foundation, increased moisture and ductility) tap on the eye, it can control the amount of concealer, not too thick. Powdered glitter eye shadow and strengthen eye brightness, but not too much, would be counterproductive.
&Nbsp;   zhexia is, zhexia after makeup (makeup including moisture, segregation, makeup, sunscreen) covering dark circles, from below the eye to the pupil, half-moon contours, draw lines that push to mark the spot.
&Nbsp;   2, eye, eye modifier methods Alar defects on both sides close to foundations, and slightly darker color sponge puff stick concealer cream, coated in the shadow of parts, pushed with finger pulp.
&Nbsp;   PS: this method can be used to make facial cheeks help to create hyper-v shape.
&Nbsp;   3, hate the dark spots, freckles how to remove eyeliner brush is still the best props. DAB some concealer, light pressing, let the concealer completely attached to the spots. Remember, a little concealer well to avoid makeup of uneven thickness.
&Nbsp;   4, and on cover flaw cream of note matters many beauty in married Qian are worried Black circles will brings trapped angered, natural to will thought using cover flaw cream, results instead makes circles of makeup more bad, actually cover flaw cream best of function is cover live youth acne and the smaller area of spots, large using only will is heavy, not only no reached cover flaw of effect, also to people a stating the of feel. Black eye parts, simple apply a layer of powder with a powder puff or finger pressure.

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