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Wedding bridal hair

&Nbsp;   bride and what is the length of the hair for hair? Best in the shoulder a little bit, not too long, not too short. Because the bride seems to comb is a noble and elegant Pan head, if the hair is too long, do spend too complicated to pull, Pan head are not easy, down and don't think it's mental, so, in the end, is the most standard a little shoulder.
&Nbsp;  , of course, is not easy to choose a suitable hairstyle, take your neck length, width of the forehead and facial features as a reference basis for choice of hairstyle. If you have beautiful lines and moderate length neck, then congratulations, hair updo can definitely make your wedding the best baby.
&Nbsp;   Combs hair also has a little secret, is the higher the bun, feel younger, lower the bun, the more mature, clever, you might as well try to grasp.
&Nbsp;   want to have beautiful and bright the bridal hairstyle, hair dryers and finishing tools for, such as hair, hair clips, glue, are indispensable. Curls can be divided into ordinary hair and apply to local electric hair curlers, no matter which one you use, it will have to wet your hair first, otherwise easy to damage hair and not easy to shape.
&Nbsp;   roll up when somewhere under the curls on the ends, slid down to the roots to the ends and then volume parts, not too hard, otherwise you will first pull off the hair.
&Nbsp;   the most important is that the hairstyle should be simple, natural and elegant; tell your designers to minimize the use of glue, clamp at the hairpin, but also gentle with your hair, do not overexert, injuries to the scalp, because the scalp is an important factor affecting the health of the hair.
&Nbsp;   in front of you into the Auditorium, there are countless opportunities to do hair, photography, engagements, weddings, all want to come back to the top Kung Fu, you know every one will hurt one hair, Oh! How to make your hair beautiful and minimise the damage as much as possible?

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