Notice to marry

Planned return of five Raiders

&Nbsp;   for starters, wedding gift has become an important part of a second wedding, wedding dress selection, how to prepare, what needs some brains, invest a little thought, the following five small Guide to help you easily get!
&Nbsp;   Guide: determine return the object came to congratulate friends and family guests and was unable to attend, all new objects that give back. New people in this way to express your gratitude, but also a sign of gratitude!
&Nbsp;   a rough estimate total guest number 1 from sending invitations or wedding table number, roughly, to buy back!
&Nbsp;   2 the wedding day can turn to family members for help calculate the number of guests, then gift ready to dole out.
&Nbsp;   making gift list:
&Nbsp;   1 when writing invitations, write into the guest's name and return the list.
&Nbsp;   2 memories of distant relatives and friends cannot attend carefully, in order to avoid omissions, new available exclusion from distant relatives began to list and then calculate the good friends and classmates. After the order, name gift list.
&Nbsp;   TIPS: wedding day on budget to produce 10 to 15 to prevent leaking enough!
&Nbsp;   Raiders II: choose gifts and time:
&Nbsp;   both of which does not require special research, the couple can choose according to their specific situation accordingly.
&Nbsp;   free:
&Nbsp;   1, has acquired good gift of newcomers, can choose the wedding day to guests.
&Nbsp;   2, wedding preparation, no time to prepare for the return of the couple, can be given within 1 month after the wedding guests.
&Nbsp;   1, select a gift on the day giving way, to place a return at the reception table, also available in toast, hand-delivered to the guest's hands (for not afraid to drink new!
&Nbsp;   2, select a gift after the wedding the couple, according to the relatives ' home address, select a different delivery method. In person, courier, can be.
&Nbsp;   strategy three: attention returning taboo to marry him but are taboo, choose to get married in return should be considered as a whole, if there is other peoples ' friends, ask them if they have no specific taboos. Also, do not select low back, it's too rude.
&Nbsp;   taboo 1, fragile and is not conducive to the acquisition of transport, less convenient guests away. More ominous suspicion!
&Nbsp;   2, no longer shelf life gift this kind of gift is very easy to waste your carefully selected takes to return and time!
&Nbsp;   strategy four: gift thank you card of choice selection of cards is one of the most traditional, hand-write a thank you card for guests, never fade thanks adapter enables your permanent collection of this valuable friendship with each other.

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