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The bride before the wedding frequently asked questions

&Nbsp;   being a bride, when you want to shine at the wedding, and already the bride you have chewed nails, acne on his face and not worry about good hair, brides do?
&Nbsp;   1Q: many small pimples on my face, is there any way I can help my acne?
&Nbsp;   a: the role of diet in Acne is unlikely, in most cases, his face and hands were not clean and hormone-related, more water, eat different foods can make the skin smooth and moist.
&Nbsp;   2Q: wedding day morning, eating food can make me feel energized?
&Nbsp;   a: eat something to maintain blood sugar levels, but the food won't make you burp, eat some cheese, crackers, banana mixed with yogurt, milk or a bowl of cereal with fruit, chop suey. If you can't eat sugar, try the bread with cream, some mixed nuts cereal, fried egg rolls can also eat protein.
&Nbsp;   3Q: I have a bad habit of biting her nails, my nails look so ugly, I was ready to nail one, make it look nice, but could not grow my nails, my mother made me eat more JE11-0, it really work?
&Nbsp;   a: not very useful. You'd better choose food rich in vitamins, also professional manicure once a week, during which no longer bite nails.
&Nbsp;   4Q: to look slim, I would like to wear tight-fitting dress for the wedding, what foods should I eat to prevent my stomach destroys the overall effect.
&Nbsp;   a: don't eat salty food, but also can not eat soup, bacon, too much fiber can make you fat, don't eat too much fruit, vegetable or grain of wheat grain.
&Nbsp;   5Q: when I feel stressed, I want to throw up, what can I do to not feel sick on your wedding day?
&Nbsp;   a: you should eat more foods containing carbohydrates, thereby to neutralize the stomach acids. Try dry cereal, hard cookies, if you have nausea all day long, you're in the mouth by chewing gum or hard candy.
&Nbsp;   6Q: for next month's wedding, I bleach my teeth, in order to keep my teeth white, what foods I should not eat?
&Nbsp;   a: avoid coffee and tea, because they make your teeth yellow.
&Nbsp;   7Q: the wedding that I'm talking to lots of people, sure, is there any way to make my day to maintain fresh breath?
&Nbsp;   a: drink plenty of fluids, and keep the mouth moist and not eating solid food can prevent bad breath, but also occasionally chew some Mint.
&Nbsp;   8Q: recently, I have severe migraines, something may increase the pain, but I can't eat it?
&Nbsp;   a: don't have caffeine, chocolate, nuts, and dairy products, and see if they work, some people headaches associated with magnesium deficiency, so it can take 600 mg of magnesium per day for 2 weeks and see if the symptoms ease, if still no improvement, you should go to see a doctor.
&Nbsp;   9Q: my hair looks like Straw, is there any food you can make my hair back in the near future?
&Nbsp;   a: matte hair become yellow, this indicates your protein intake, eat some protein-containing foods, like meat, pulses and dairy products can also amount to some magnesium supplement.

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