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Refuse to rubber marriage new marriage ideas

&Nbsp;   some time ago, the news aspect of voice of China reported, now there's a man in the city: they have no nerves, no pain, inefficient, unresponsive. Do not accept any new things and opinions, praise to criticism does not matter, there is no shame and honor, the whole person as if made of rubber, they are called "rubber man"!
&Nbsp;   "rubber man" comes from the earliest writer Wang Shuo's novel, today, 24 years later, the characters in the novel have walked into our work and life. According to statistics, China currently has 22% marriage in the rubber marriage, rubber in a marriage, couples feel no love no hate no, lose the marriage of passion like calm waters of the dead sea, didn't find any interesting, leaving only numbness. In reality, rubber marriage is kind of a situation? lost in marriage "rubber man" and how to find their own way out?
&Nbsp;   a cry baby cry, break the peace marriage Narrator: Zhang Xiaohui Yoga instructor 29 years young, I think marriage is wonderful, thought that two people live together, and to work for common efforts, what a happy thing. Married only after know, romantic short shelf life, passion is easily erased in the marriage. Before we were married, we were living together for four years, that I was still in College, he was not far away from our school work, we rented room just outside the school. Just began cohabitation of when, I daily Xia has class on back we of small Wo do has rice, he work, eat finished rice, he on help I wash Bowl, to I told he work Shang of thing, every weekend, he will for with pattern with I out play, play tired has, we on in outside feast a meal, then with a meet sense home. Such of life just maintained has one years, slowly to cohabitation lost has new, with he words for we has is married old wife has, led hand on like is left led right hand, that heartbeat of feel seemed has is many years Qian of things has, but we still maintained with cohabitation life, until I graduated Hou, both parents urged with we married, we only put card led has.
&Nbsp;   after marriage, we are leading a quiet life, he often told me he to work things, there are many topics to talk about between us, after getting married, he rarely mentioned work, come back to play games on the computer. Weekend I went out shopping, eating a big meal, he says again for the holidays, why spend half to me, don't know where are his earlier romantic. Later, my mother lived at home for some time, see our marital indifference, let me have a baby, I was reluctant to have children, shy child shape, but in order to save the cold marriage, I gave birth to the baby. Didn't think the baby was born, life at home changed completely. Now, the baby is 2 years old, I told my husband's heart all tied up baby, every day around this kid, and tranquil marriage and new life.
&Nbsp;   a constant Billboard tells people: Yang Ying servant 37 I have been married for 12 years, many of my friends see the prosperous economic conditions in our family, children are very clever, thought that I was very happy, but my life is as tedious as a backwater. I open a small company, normally outside business, few care home, come back tired lying on the bed to sleep, we exchange opportunities are few. Newly married, he often went out socializing, sometimes drunk in the middle of the back, so I don't know how many times with him. But slowly, I do not bother to make, to lose, better to let him be, as long as he remembers to go home, know that a husband's responsibility, I also turned a blind eye to eye to live. Recently, I found his home hours later, phone locked, his cell phone was never locked before, I'm not stupid, I know the reason. On Saturday, he came home very late as usual, I was sitting in the living room waiting for him until 1 o'clock in the morning, he finally came back. I called him, and the two had a long talk in the living room all night.
&Nbsp;   night we open heart pours out his heart, I told him I blame weary life now, I can't imagine what kind of marriage will continue. He also acknowledged that he ignored my feelings, for doing too little at home. In the conversation, he says I married love to dress up, pajamas for a few years does not change. I understand him, men have been on the same Billboard does Visual fatigue. Finally, we have decided, in accordance with each other's opinions, try to make some changes, trying to find the marriage of passion. I hope this talk is effective, will bring new changes to our marriage.

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